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Ecology - Thesis, documentation, books. Free e-library

    Thesis, documentation, books. Free e-library - Ecology.

  1. «REPORT SUBMITTED TO INTERNATIONAL START SECRETARIAT (Report Number 3) August 2011 Role of indigenous knowledge in land management for carbon ...»
  2. «Thesis for PhD dissertation SZIGETI JUDIT WELFARE EFFECTS AMONG THE HUNGARIAN FOOD-CONSUMERS SUPERVISOR: Dr. Szilárd Podruzsik senior lecturer ...»
  3. «presentations at international conferences (selection) Fischer-Kowalski, Marina (2014), The social metabolism in the Anthropocene: modes of ...»
  4. «Bericht der Sektion für Lepidopterologie. Versammlung am 5. November 1926. Vorsitzender: Hans Rebel. I. Der Vorsitzende legt nachstehende ...»
  5. «Tor Peder Lohne Master Thesis 30 credits 2012 Department of ecology and natural resource management Preface With this thesis submitted, I have ...»
  6. «Little drought Some Considerable tolerance drought drought tolerance tolerance! Boreal Forests are dominated Temperate Evergreen Temperate Deciduous ...»
  7. «selection of books and edited volumes, contributions to journals, contributions to books Fischer-Kowalski, Marina, Mayer, Andreas, and Schaffartzik, ...»
  8. «Küste, Ökologie und Mensch Integriertes Küstenmanagement als Instrument nachhaltiger Entwicklung Edition Humanökologie: Band 2 Schriftenreihe der ...»
  9. «ELEEP Policy Recommendations Renewable Energy and Climate Change Poland-Germany Study Tour 10-16 November 2013 Introduction Ecologic Institute and ...»
  10. «Ole-Jakob Kvalshaug Master Thesis 30 credits 2013 Department of Ecology and Natural Resource Management Preface This master thesis completes my five ...»
  11. «Neotropical Birds I R D S are a magnet that helps draw visitors to the Neotropics. Some come B merely to augment an already long life list of ...»
  12. «Effects of Wolves and Other Predators on Farms in Wisconsin: Beyond Verified Losses May 2007 Pub-ER-658 2007 Compiled by: Jeff Lehmkuhler, Ph.D., ...»
  13. «The Hukou System and Rural-Urban Migration in China: Processes and Changes* Kam Wing Chan and Li Zhang Department of Geography University of ...»
  14. «Aging and the Perception of a Racket’s Sweet Spot Claudia Carello, Steve Thuot and M. T. Turvey Center for the Ecological Study of Perception and ...»
  15. «Kaylyn McBrearty Department of Ecology Lincoln University Ellesmere Junction, Road/Springs Road Canterbury, New Zealand Email: ...»
  16. «1. Einleitung 2. Umfang, Eingrenzung und Fortschreibungen des Schallschutzkonzeptes 3. Ökologie und Schutzstatus des Schweinswals in der deutschen ...»
  17. «by Hally Kirsten Strevey A thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Science in Land Rehabilitation ...»
  18. «FKZ: 02OE643 Projektnehmer: Sesolutions - Sustainable Energy Solutions Waldhornstraße 30, 76131 Karlsruhe Tel.: +49 721 359110 Fax: +49 721 3841882 ...»
  19. «Schiene 1: Wissenschaft Kommentierte Literaturübersicht, ExpertInnen- & Institutionenverzeichnis zum Thema “Nachhaltigkeit” Bernhard Hammer ...»
  20. «The last decade has witnessed sustained growth in research and policy attention to bias crimes, or as they are more frequently called “hate ...»
  21. «Michaela C. Theurl CO2-Bilanz der Tomatenproduktion: Analyse acht verschiedener Produktionssysteme in Österreich, Spanien und Italien Dezember 2008 ...»
  22. «Flora and Vegetation of Afghanistan Siegmar-W. Breckle Afghanistan is a very mountainous country. It offers a big variety of ecological conditions, ...»
  23. «June 2012 Publication no. 12-07-036 Publication and Contact Information This report is available on the Department of Ecology’s website at ...»
  24. «Maximilian BERTHOLD*, Dana ZIMMER & Rhena SCHUMANN *University of Rostock, Applied Ecology and Phycology, D-18051, Rostock, Germany ...»
  25. «36th gtö newsletter Introduction by the President New Vision and Mission of the gtö 23rd gtö member’s meeting in Frankfurt Meetings of the ...»
  27. «Series Editor: Arnold Tukker, TNO-STB, Delft, The Netherlands Editorial Advisory Board: Martin Charter, Centre for Sustainable Design, The Surrey ...»
  28. «Leitfaden zur Weitergabe von LebensmitteLn Kooperation zwischen Unternehmen der KonsUmgüterbranche Und sozialen einrichtUngen im sinne der ...»
  29. «Published version available online at http://www.springerlink.com/ DOI: 10.1007/s10750-005-1717-9 This material is presented to ensure timely ...»
  30. «THE ECOLOGY OF SEED DISPERSAL MARY WILLSON and ANNA TRAVESET The Nature Conservancy, 8 S. Michigan, Chicago, IL. 60603, USA Institut Mediterrani ...»
  31. «Emerging scientific decision-making for designating air quality management areas (AQMAs) in the United Kingdom N.K. woodfield', J.W.S. ~ o n ~ h u r ...»
  32. «Simulating crop growth and 10 biogeochemical fluxes in response to land management using the SALUS model. Pages 252-274 in S. K. Hamilton, J. E. ...»
  33. «BIOL 584 (Medical Microbiology) – Syllabus Spring 2009 This course will focus on mechanisms of microbial pathogenesis and the host response, and ...»
  34. «Vermeer “The Geographer” 1668–1669 The Round River – Aldo Leopold 1887-1948 One of the marvels of early Wisconsin was the Round River, a ...»
  35. «For Ecological Consultants V. 10 : March 2014 Contents Louise Martland WSC Biodiversity Offsetting Project Officer lmartland@environmentbank.com ...»
  36. «TITLE: GEOGRAPHIC INFORMATION SYSTEM BYLINE: Michael F. Goodchild, University of California, Santa Barbara, www.geog.ucsb.edu/~good SYNONYMS: ...»
  37. «A dissertation submitted to ETH ZURICH for the degree of Doctor of Sciences presented by CHRISTIAN FOLBERTH M.Sc. Environmental Planning and ...»
  38. «written by Bill Jackson for the IUCN Monitoring and Evaluation Initiative October 1997 Founded in 1948 as the International Union for the ...»
  39. «Desiderata for cognitive architectures RON SUN ABSTRACT This article addresses issues in developing cognitive architectures—generic computational ...»
  40. «C e n t r e for Resource M a n a g e m e n t , P.O. Box 56, Lincoln College, C a n t e r b u r y , N e w Zealand ABSTRACT Some guidelines for ...»
  42. «The Transition Towns Movement and What It Means for Social Change TRAPESE Collective Any sound ecological perspective rests in great part on our ...»
  44. «Species Rarity: Definition, Causes, and Classification Curtis H. Flather and Carolyn Hull Sieg In virtually all ecological communities around the ...»
  46. «The Feel-good Effect at Mega Sports Events. Recommendations for Public and Private Administration Informed by the Experience of the FIFA World Cup ...»
  47. «Vegetation Sampling for Wetland Delineation A Review and Synthesis of Methods and Sampling Issues Edward Gage and David J. Cooper July 2010 and ...»
  48. «Mentoring Programs for Aboriginal Youth J. Klinck, C. Cardinal, K. Edwards, N. Gibson, J. Bisanz, J. da Costa Mentoring Programs For Aboriginal Youth ...»
  49. «Keith Stewart 1 Contemporary environmental policy is torn between a corporate-led attempt to privatize the commons, and efforts to build a vibrant ...»
  50. «The law, in its majestic equality, forbids the rich, as well as the poor, to sleep under the bridges, to beg in the streets, and to steal bread ± ...»
  51. «Where are the helpful bystanders? Ecological Niche and Victims’ Perceptions of Bystander Intervention Victoria Banyard University of New Hampshire ...»
  52. «Various factors influencing the pointer year analysis Sz. Bijak Department of Dendrometry and Forest Productivity, Faculty of Forestry, Warsaw ...»
  53. «Physiological and growth response of European larch (Larix decidua Mill.) and pedunculate oak (Quercus robur L.) to environmental changes Čater, ...»
  54. «DIPLOMARBEIT zur Erlangung des akademischen Grades Magistra Rerum Naturalium an der Formal- und Naturwissenschaftlichen Fakultät der Universität ...»
  55. «Bericht / Report Nr. 1 Unterrichtsprogramm «Weltmodell 2» A. Fischlin, T. Blanke, D. Gyalistras, M. Baltensweiler, T. Nemecek, O. Roth und M. ...»
  56. «Published in: Historical Geography Document Version: Publisher's PDF, also known as Version of record Queen's University Belfast - Research Portal: ...»
  57. «Toward multi-parameter records (ring width, 13C, 18O) from tropical tree-rings - A case study on Tectona grandis from Java, Indonesia   K. ...»
  58. «Irrigation for profit Three years from March 2000 – June 2003 This book contains the findings and activities from the three years of the Rural ...»
  59. «Natural dynamics in subalpine avalanche protection forests in the Swiss Alps Krumm, F.1, Bebi, P.1, Panayotov, M.1,2 & H. Spiecker3 Swiss Federal ...»
  60. «SARA KUIKKA Department of Energy and Environment Division of Environmental System Analysis CHALMERS UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY Gothenburg, Sweden, 2012 ...»
  61. «The Role of Self-Esteem in the Diminution of Substance Abuse among Adolescents Ikechukwu Uba (Corresponding Author) Department of Human Development ...»
  62. «Strategies for the Development of Industrialized Cities and Regions in Central and Eastern Europe Conference of the Network of Spatial Research ...»
  63. «A highly welcome book containing novel insights on two great challenges of the post-sustainability era – how to build resilience in social and ...»
  64. «Delineating boundaries for sites identified using the new standard Naamal De Silva, Amy Upgren, Penny Langhammer, Kellee Koenig, and Matthew N. ...»
  65. «Full Title: The Cross-sectional Average Length of Life (CAL): A Cross-sectional Mortality Measure That Reflects the Experience of Cohorts Short ...»
  66. «Chapter 1 Political Ecologies of Carbon in Africa Melissa Leach and Ian Scoones Introduction The last decade has seen a wave of forest carbon ...»
  67. «HEALING OURSELVES FROM THE DIPLOMA SHIKSHANTAR : SHIKSHANTAR Peoples’ The Peoples’ Institute for DISEASE Rethinking Education and Development ...»
  68. «EXTENDING THE QUASI-NEUTRAL CONCEPT Michael W. Palmer Department of Botany, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, Oklahoma, 74078 USA; e-mail ...»
  69. «Response to Radical Evil-Radical Hope By Jeffrey Newman Prepared by Peter Head Executive Director of The Ecological Sequestration Trust st January 21 ...»
  70. «Structure and Temporal Stability of a Temperate, Rocky Intertidal Community at the Giant Stairs, Bailey's Island, Maine Final paper due by 4 pm ...»
  71. «Opportunities and Barriers related to Regional Industrial Ecology in the Region of Sjælland, DK Master Thesis by Louise Vinther Alis s031865 ...»
  72. «remote sensing ISSN 2072-4292 www.mdpi.com/journal/remotesensing Article Human-Induced Landcover Changes Drive a Diminution of Land Surface Albedo in ...»
  73. «Cultural Theory and Management of Common Property Resources By: Susan J. Buck1 Buck, Susan J. Cultural Theory and Management of Common Property ...»
  74. «Abstract ICZM depends on an understanding of the coastal zone system to be managed. During the SPICOSA project, we needed to provide an explanation ...»
  75. «Table of Contents Commonness and Rarity: Theory and Application of a New Model to Mediterranean Montane Grasslands0 ABSTRACT INTRODUCTION Theories ...»
  76. «Center for International Environment Law (CIEL) In collaboration with HuMa Perkumpulan untuk Pembaruan Hukum Berbasis Masyarakat dan Ekologis ...»
  77. «The Ecological Dynamics of the Rundale Agrarian Commune Eamonn Slater Eoin Flaherty NIRSA Working Paper Series The Ecological Dynamics of the Rundale ...»
  78. «By Elias Madzudzo Research Fellow Centre for Applied Social Sciences University of Zimbabwe P.O. Box M.P.167, Mount Pleasant, Harare. Zimbabwe Fax ...»
  79. «The Role of Self-Esteem in the Diminution of Substance Abuse among Adolescents Ikechukwu Uba (Corresponding Author) Department of Human Development ...»
  80. «„Praktizierter Naturschutz – Nützlich und schön“ Partizipative Entwicklung eines ökologischen Nutzungskonzeptes unter Naturschutzbedingungen ...»
  81. «A highly welcome book containing novel insights on two great challenges of the post-sustainability era – how to build resilience in social and ...»
  82. «Introduction Seed politics? Living organisms such as domesticated crops or animals are increasingly subjected to various forms and degrees of ...»
  83. «Chapter 1 Political Ecologies of Carbon in Africa Melissa Leach and Ian Scoones Introduction The last decade has seen a wave of forest carbon ...»
  84. «1 ABSTRACT The range of environmental problems in European skiing resorts caused by winter sports, agriculture and summer tourism are all well known. ...»
  85. «3234 Fawnwood Dr Ocoee, Florida 34761 Phone number: 813 863 4995 E-mail: larist@ufl.edu Education 2005. Santa Rosa de Cabal University. 38 Semester ...»
  86. «Dark Mountain, Paul Kingsnorth and Dougald Hine, editors. Published by the Dark Mountain Project 2010, Great Britain, Issue 1, Summer 2010, 247 ...»
  87. «AICGS/DAAD Working Paper Series A Publication of the American Institute for Contemporary German Studies The Johns Hopkins University AICGS/DAAD ...»
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