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«Contents –Welcome to Salzburg Greeting from the Mayor Greeting from the Head of the Municipality Greeting from the Integration Officer 1. Salzburg ...»

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Contents –Welcome to Salzburg

Greeting from the Mayor

Greeting from the Head of the Municipality

Greeting from the Integration Officer

1. Salzburg

1.1 Salzburg, a city worth living in

1.2 The capital of the province of Salzburg

2. Residence

2.1 Leave to remain

3. Integration Agreement 2006

4. Learning German in Salzburg

5. Housing in Salzburg

5.1 What does compulsory residence registration (Meldepflicht) mean?

5.2 How can I find a flat?

5.3 Please note: You have to pay your television licence!

5.4 Tips for living alongside each other

6. Working in Salzburg

6.1 Recognition of qualifications

6.2 Who is allowed to work?

6.3 What representations of employees’ interests are there?

6.4 Do you want to run your own business?

6.5 What representations of interests for the self-employed are there?

7. Children and minors

7.1 Where is the birth of my child registered?

7.2 Childcare

7.3 Compulsory schooling - schools

7.4 Youth: Free-time culture – the young programme in the city!

7.5 Youth counsel – bivak.mobil

7.6 Legal protection for minors

8. Health

8.1 What is social security?

8.2 Medical care

8.3 Pharmacies

8.4 People with a disability

9. Equal rights for women and men

9.1 Women’s office of the city of Salzburg

10. Advice and help

11. Help in emergencies

12. Getting around in the city of Salzburg

12.1 Public transport – Stadtbus

12.2 Riding bicycles

12.3 Driving cars

13. Environment protection

13.1 Waste removal service

13.2 Tips by the energy provider Salzburg AG for saving energy!

13.3 Water

14. Five tips for free-time activities

15. Sports

16. Further education for adults ©Integrationsbüro der Stadt Salzburg – Schloss Mirabell-5020 Salzburg Telefon: 0662-8072-2295 E-Mail: integrationsbeauftragte@stadt-salzburg.at Internet: www.stadt-salzburg.at Greeting from the Mayor Dear new inhabitant of Salzburg, Welcome to our city. In Salzburg there is a high quality of living, beautiful surroundings and many interesting things on offer for you and your family.

The first steps in a new city and a new country are, of course, challenging and hard.

We are therefore giving you this “welcome file” to make some of the steps a little bit easier for you and it includes useful information to help you to get settled in Salzburg and in your new life. We are proud that our citizens live together as equals in a democratic and peaceful environment. Men and women, senior citizens, children and people from different cultures, backgrounds and religions live alongside each other with respect and tolerance.

I wish you all the best for your new start in Salzburg.

Dr. Heinz Schaden Mayor Greeting from the Director of the Municipality.

Dear new inhabitant of Salzburg As the head of the municipality in Salzburg, I would like to welcome you. We offer a variety of services and information concerning all areas of life.

In order to help you to familiarize yourself with our city quickly, I would advise you to read the contents of this “welcome file”. You will find useful tips and addresses as well as information on many of the services we provide.

On this note, I hope that you will soon feel at home in our city.

Dr. Hans Jörg Bachmaier Head of the Municipality Greeting from the Integration Officer Dear new inhabitant of Salzburg It is difficult to master day-to-day life in a new environment. The “welcome file” aims to help you at the beginning. If you need any further information, tips or support, please do not hesitate to contact the city of Salzburg’s office for integration issues. I hope that you will soon appreciate the open and democratic atmosphere in our city and that you will help to make your contribution to our community life, which is characterized by openmindedness and respect.

I wish you a successful start to your future in Salzburg.

Mag. Anja Hagenauer Integration Officer ©Integrationsbüro der Stadt Salzburg – Schloss Mirabell-5020 Salzburg Telefon: 0662-8072-2295 E-Mail: integrationsbeauftragte@stadt-salzburg.at Internet: www.stadt-salzburg.at

1. Salzburg

1.1 Salzburg, a city worth living in "I regard the environs of Salzburg, Naples and Constantinople as the most beautiful on earth”, Alexander von Humboldt, who had travelled the world, said in 1804.

The city is characterised by the river Salzach and its city mountains which include the Kapuzinerberg and the Mönchsberg.

Salzburg is famous throughout the world for its beauty and cultural diversity. Take the time to enjoy a walk through the historic centre. Not only its beauty and history typify life in Salzburg. It is also a prosperous location for commerce, education and tourism.

Salzburg offers all its inhabitants excellent opportunities. Use them!

1.2 The capital of the province of Salzburg The Republic of Austria with its population of more than 8 million is divided into 9 provinces, which are called “Bundesland” in German.

You have come to Salzburg, the capital of the province of the same name. The city has about 150,000 inhabitants and is, after Vienna, Graz and Linz, the fourth biggest city in Austria. It covers an area of over 6,500 hectares (25 square miles) and is divided into districts (for example: Altstadt (old town), Maxglan, Lehen, Schallmos, Gnigl, Aigen,...).

The governing body of the city is called “Magistrat”. The various departments of the Magistrat ensure that the city’s inhabitants are provided with the best possible services and this includes nursery schools (Kindergarten), after-school care facilities, waste disposal, a municipal department for parks and gardens, homes for senior citizens, social welfare, culture and a professional fire brigade.

Find out more at www.stadt-salzburg.at.

The city is governed by the (directly-elected) mayor, his or her two deputies as well as two executive city councillors. The latter are elected out of the city council, which has 40 members. The city council and the mayor are elected every 5 years.

©Integrationsbüro der Stadt Salzburg – Schloss Mirabell-5020 Salzburg Telefon: 0662-8072-2295 E-Mail: integrationsbeauftragte@stadt-salzburg.at Internet: www.stadt-salzburg.at

2. Residence

2.1. Leave to remain Who requires a leave to remain?

People from non-EEA (European Economic Area) countries, who intend to stay in Austria permanently, require a leave to remain. A leave to remain may be issued for the

following purpose:

to take up self-employment to take up employment for the purpose of family reunification.

Persons who are recognised as refugees and EU-citizens are exempted from the provisions regarding leaves to remain. The documents, insurance, living space and enough financial means, which can be proved by submitting a confirmation that there is an income through employment or self-employed work. Members of the family and children are also granted a leave to remain.

Discontinuation of proceedings If the residence title has not been collected at the domestic authority within 6 months from the day it was issued – either through the professional representation authority or the competent authority at the applicant’s place of residence -, the proceeding for granting a residence title is discontinued without further notice. All parts of the proceeding that have been completed become invalid.

Please collect your leave to remain at the authority in time!

Period of validity of residence title Unless specified otherwise, temporary residence titles (temporary residence permits and leaves to remain) are issued for a period of 12 months. They are effective as of the date of issue, unless a shorter period of validity was applied for or the travel document is not valid for long enough.

Please see to it, that your passport is renewed in good time!

Renewal of the residence title Applications for the renewal of residence titles have to be submitted in Austria to the locally competent authority before the validity the residence title expires.

Applications submitted after expiry of the residence title, are only regarded as an application for extension of the residence title, if the application was made no later than six months after the validity of the last residence title has ended. After that, applications are regarded as first applications (possible consequences are that the application has to ©Integrationsbüro der Stadt Salzburg – Schloss Mirabell-5020 Salzburg Telefon: 0662-8072-2295 E-Mail: integrationsbeauftragte@stadt-salzburg.at Internet: www.stadt-salzburg.at be submitted from abroad, that it is subject to the general immigration quota, loss of rights already possessed, measures by the aliens police!!).

Please make sure that you apply for a renewal of your residence title in good time!

Change of the purpose of stay Foreign citizens who want to change the purpose of their stay in Austria, have to inform Austrian authorities immediately. A change of the purpose of stay is only allowed, if the foreigner meets the requirements for the residence title they applied for and if the residence title can be granted according to the immigration quota.

Please note that authorities have to be informed about any change of the purpose of stay “immediately”!

First-time application for a new-born child If a first-time application is made for a child, type and validity period of the residence title depend on its mother’s residence title. The child will only receive the same residence title as the father, if the father alone has the right to care for the child. This only applies if the reason why the father has the right to care for the child is not that the mother has declined her right of custody.

Children who do not possess Austrian citizenship do not need a visa until they are six months old, provided that the mother or another person, who is the legal guardian of the child, have a legal residence in the territory of Austria. After six months the application is subject to the immigration quota and has to be made from abroad.

Please apply for a residence title for your child within the first six months!

Right to take up residence of family members with a permanent residence title Until the end of the fifth year, family members have a right to take up residence which is based on the permanent residence title of the spouse or parent who has taken up residence in Austria and is subsequently joined by other family members. If that spouse or parent loses their leave to remain in the first five years, their family members’ right of residence forfeits by act of law, unless they fulfil the requirements to receive their own residence title.

If you fear that you may lose your residence title, please contact the authority!

Right of residence of family members with a leave to remain Within the time limit of five years, family members do not lose the pre-condition for the

purpose of stay for their residence permit:

©Integrationsbüro der Stadt Salzburg – Schloss Mirabell-5020 Salzburg Telefon: 0662-8072-2295 E-Mail: integrationsbeauftragte@stadt-salzburg.at Internet: www.stadt-salzburg.at

1. through death of a spouse or parent;

2. through divorce because of the predominant guilt of the other spouse, or

3. for reasons that need to be duly considered You have to immediately inform authorities about reasons that need to be duly considered (e.g. if you are a victim of domestic violence) to preserve the right of residence!

Marriage and adoption in order to achieve a residence title Spouses who do not share a family life as defined in Art. 8 ECHR (European Convention of Human Rights, may not refer to their marriage as a reason to receive or keep their residence titles.

Foreigners who have been adopted may only refer to their adoption in order to receive or keep their residence titles, if receiving or keeping the residence title was not the exclusive or predominant reason for the adoption.

A "marriage of convenience" is illegal and may have severe consequences!

Sanctions Someone who

1. fails to inform authorities, without unnecessary delay, of a change of the purpose of residence during the period of validity of their residence title, or who sets actions that are outside the scope of the purpose of residence;

2. submits their application for renewal of the residence title after expiry of the last one more often than once;

3. fails to submit an invalid or irrelevant document to the authority;

4. is obliged to meet the integration agreement and fails to produce the proof that it has been fulfilled five years after the residence title has been granted in compliance with the Law on Residence and Settlement in Austria, if the reasons for this failure are exclusively attributed to them;

commits an administrative offence, which is sanctioned with a penalty of up to 200 Euros.

Please avoid such proceedings, as the repeated offence against the regulations may result in consequences provided in the Aliens Law!

Amt für öffentliche Ordnung (Office for public policy) Address: Schwarzstraße 44, 5020 Salzburg Telephone 0662/8072-3001 E-Mail: oeffentliche-ordnung@stadt-salzburg.at Internet: www.stadt-salzburg.at ©Integrationsbüro der Stadt Salzburg – Schloss Mirabell-5020 Salzburg Telefon: 0662-8072-2295 E-Mail: integrationsbeauftragte@stadt-salzburg.at Internet: www.stadt-salzburg.at

3. Integration Agreement 2006 On 1 January, 2006 the new Law on Residence and Settlement in Austria came into force. The amendment includes, among other things, a new integration agreement.

What is the integration agreement?

Since 1 January, 2003, persons from third countries (non-EEA countries) are obliged to fulfil the provisions of the integration agreement after their residence title has been granted or renewed (this does not apply to third-country citizens who are married to an EEA citizen who is not Austrian). According to the integration agreement, it is compulsory to acquire a basic knowledge of the German language.

Who has to enter into the integration agreement and who decides on that?

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