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  1. «A dissertation submitted to the faculty of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree ...»
  3. «Educational Justice as Respect Egalitarianism Professor Krassimir Stojanov University of Eichstaett krassimirstojanov@yahoo.de This paper explores ...»
  4. «The Search for Justice in the Republic Kevin K. Durand, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Philosophy Abstract: Confronted, in Book II of the Republic, by ...»
  5. «Titel der Magisterarbeit „Framing and Journalistic Quality: An Analysis of European Newspaper Coverage of the UN Millennium Development Goals“ ...»
  6. «TABLE OF CONTENTS District 20 Athletic Mission Statement.. 1 Philosophy of Rampart High School Athletics.. 1 Athletic Opportunities.. 2 Admission to ...»
  7. «THE MARKETING MIX Travel and Tourism: New Lanark Case Study (Int 1 – AH) 33 Travel and Tourism: New Lanark Case Study (Int 1 – AH) 34 3. THE ...»
  8. «IndIgenous sovereIgnty and the BeIng of the occupIer Manifesto for a White Australian Philosophy of Origins Toula Nicolacopoulos George ...»
  9. «Aspects of Morally Responsible Practice Demands for responsible practice are usually raised in specific spheres and meeting them often requires ...»
  10. «Joe Cain and Michael Ruse, Editors American Philosophical Society Philadelphia • 2009 TRANSACTIONS of the AMERICAN PHILOSOPHICAL SOCIETY Held at ...»
  11. «9. Kongress der Österreichischen Gesellschaft für Philosophie in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Institut für Philosophie der Universität Wien 9. Kongress ...»
  12. «Toby Ord Balliol College University of Oxford June 2005 Thesis for the degree of Bachelor of Philosophy Abstract: Consequentialism is often charged ...»
  13. «Bart Streumer b.streumer@rug.nl Philosophical Studies 154 (2011): 325-348 Published version available here: ...»
  14. «A dissertation submitted in partial satisfaction of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Physics in the Graduate Division of ...»
  15. «To cite this version: Kolja Lindner. Marx’s Eurocentrism. Postcolonial studies and Marx scholarship. Radical Philosophy, 2010, pp.27-41. ...»
  16. «Open access to the SEP is made possible by a world-wide funding initiative. Please Read How You Can Help Keep the Encyclopedia Free Intergenerational ...»
  17. «Pre-publication draft – not for citation Against Semantic Multi-Culturalism Genoveva Martí Logos Research Group ICREA & Universitat de Barcelona ...»
  18. «Medien, Ethik und Geschlecht Zur Frage nach Gerechtigkeit und Vielfalt in der Medienwelt Eine Tagung der DGPuK-Fachgruppen Kommunikations- und ...»
  19. «Instructor: R. Burch Office: Assiniboia Hall 3-55 Main Office Phone: (780) 492-3307 Office Hour: Tuesday: 3:40-4:50 p.m. or (no personal office ...»
  20. «Philosophical Critiques of Effective Altruism What is most striking in published commentaries on effective altruism written by philosophers is that ...»
  21. «NIGEL SABBARTON-LEARY A thesis submitted to The University of Birmingham for the degree of DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY Department of Philosophy School of ...»
  22. «The sacred and the secular. Roger Scruton. The assault on religion in the name of Enlightenment has not ended, although it has recruited new ...»
  23. «I: INTRODUCTION What is the exact role of desert in a justification of punishment? In this paper I propose to explore some of the complexities in ...»
  24. «1 Defining non-naturalism Frank Jackson (1998) gives an argument against familiar non-naturalist views about the normative which has been endorsed, ...»
  25. «Wissenschaftliche Arbeit im Fach Englische Sprachwissenschaft Lehramt an Gymnasien eingereicht von Tautenhahn, Kati geb. am: 27.02.74 Technische ...»
  26. «Submitted by Frederik Dahlmann for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy of the University of Bath School of Management October 2009 COPYRIGHT Attention ...»
  28. «Dissertation Zur Erlangung des akademischen Grades doctor philosophiae (Dr. phil) eingereicht an der Philosophischen Fakultät III der Humboldt – ...»
  29. «Core Logic – 2005/06-1ab – p. 2/3 Logic & Theology in the Middle Ages. Logic (in a broader sense) as central to important questions of ...»
  30. «[1401-1500] Abstract ...»
  31. «This is Alleghany Our objective is to create value through owning and managing operating subsidiaries and investments, anchored by a core position in ...»
  32. «These notes provide an elementary, but mathematically solid, introduction to propositional and first-order logic. They contain many exercises. Logic ...»
  33. «1. Introduction: Initial Difficulties with Rigidity and Natural Kind Terms A paradigmatic case of rigidity for singular terms is that of proper ...»
  34. «American Printing House for the Blind, Inc. 1839 Frankfort Avenue Mailing Address: P.O. Box 6085 • Louisville, KY 40206-0085 Phone: 502-895-2405 ...»
  35. «Deserving to Be Lucky: Reflections on the Role of Luck and Desert in Sports1 Robert Simon Does luck spoil sport? For example, a tightly fought soccer ...»
  36. «A Dissertation Presented in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree Doctor of Philosophy Approved April 2014 by the Graduate ...»
  37. «A Thesis Presented to The Academic Faculty by Michelle Rene Kirby In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree Doctor of Philosophy in ...»
  38. «AMMAR M. SARHAN, PH.D. STATISTICS CURRICULUM VITAE Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Dalhousie University, CANADA. Work (902) 494-1981 fax ...»
  39. «Charlotte Witt Page 1 8/26/10 [1401-1500] Analogy and Motion in Theta 6 Charlotte Witt ...»
  40. «A Concise Introduction to Mathematical Logic Textbook Third Edition Typeset and layout: The author Version from June 2009 corrections included ...»
  41. «Albert Solé Department of Philosophy, Facultat de Filosofia i Lletres, Edifici B, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, 08193 Bellaterra (Cerdanyola ...»
  42. «L angu age Te c hnologie s Inst it ut e S chool of Com put e r Sc ie nc e C arn e gie M e llon Unive r sit y P it t sbur gh PA 15213 S u b mitted to ...»
  43. «A thesis submitted to the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Arts in ...»
  44. «Choosing Beauty Simon Friederich University of Groningen, University College Groningen and Faculty of Philosophy, Groningen, The Netherlands, ...»
  45. «NUMERO 17 - ottobre 2006 Registrazione: ISSN 1128-9082 REDAZIONE Direttore responsabile: Enrico Berti Direttori editoriali: Mario De Pasquale ...»
  46. «Throughout most of his philosophical career Carnap upheld and defended three distinctive philosophical positions: (1) The thesis that the truths of ...»
  47. «EMOTIVISM 2667 words As a metaethical theory (see METAETHICS) about the meaning of ethical words, emotivism is typically seen as a form of ...»
  48. «Coaching sometimes seems like Keats’ rainbow – the more we try to define it, dissect it, classify it and demystify it, the more we diminish it ...»
  49. «Conversations on the Plurality of Worlds Bernard Le Bouyer de Fontenelle Surveying the evening sky, an enthralling thinker and his hostess, the ...»
  50. «For Jan Wolenski, on the occasion of his 60th birthday2 In the summer of 1957 at Cornell University the first of a cavalcade of large-scale meetings ...»
  51. «Bruno de Finetti. Philosophical Lectures on Probability. Collected, edited, and annotated by Alberto Mura. Translated by Hykel Hosni. Synthese ...»
  52. «1. Diachronic Coherence in Epistemology It is obvious that we would not want to demand that an agent' s beliefs at different times exhibit the same ...»
  53. «Dispositional versus epistemic causality Jon Williamson Received: 13 July 2006 / Accepted: 13 July 2006 Ó Springer Science+Business Media B.V. 2006 ...»
  54. «Igor Douven Jan-Willem Romeijn Institute of Philosophy Faculty of Philosophy University of Leuven University of Groningen Contents 1 The Judy ...»
  55. «I. THE SEARCH FOR THE PHILOSOPHER'S STONE: WHY DO WE WANT A RATIONAL DESIGN PROCESS? A perfectly rational person is one who always has a good reason ...»
  56. «1. INTRODUCTION The past decade has seen tremendous interest in design and “design research” from a multitude of perspectives in industry and ...»
  57. «Making Up One’s Self: Agency, Commitments and Identity A thesis presented by Luca Ferrero to The Department of Philosophy in partial fulfillment of ...»
  58. «College of Engineering Department of Engineering Professional Development 432 North Lake Street Madison, Wisconsin 53706 Contacts Joy Altwies John ...»
  60. «HEGEL Y EL DERECHO PRIVADO. LA PERSONA, LA PROPIEDAD Y EL CONTRATO Hegel and the Private Law. Person, Property and Contract Oscar Buenaga Ceballos ...»
  61. «Mathematical Logic and Deduction in Computer Science Education Hashim HABIBALLA Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Science, University of ...»
  62. «PLURALISM IN THE PHILOSOPHY OF CAUSATION: DESIDERATUM OR NOT? 1 Leen De Vreese 1. Introduction For a long time, philosophers working on the topic of ...»
  63. «1 Introduction What is mathematical logic? Mathematical logic is the application of mathematical techniques to logic. What is logic? I believe I am ...»
  64. «Predelli’s threatening note: contexts, utterances, and tokens in the philosophy of language John Perry Department of Philosophy, Stanford ...»
  65. «Designating Propositions Jeffrey C. King Like many, though of course not all, philosophers, I believe in propositions. I take propositions to be ...»
  66. «Logic and Science Facing the New Technologies Edited by Peter Schroeder-Heister, Gerhard Heinzmann, Wilfrid Hodges, and Pierre Edouard Bour © ...»
  67. «Jeremy Avigad Assistant Professor, Philosophy Carnegie Mellon University Version: January 2002 Preface This document comprises a set of lecture notes ...»
  68. «Logic and Science Facing the New Technologies Edited by Peter Schroeder-Heister, Gerhard Heinzmann, Wilfrid Hodges, and Pierre Edouard Bour © ...»
  69. «Master of Philosophy in Higher Education Institute for Educational Research, Faculty of Education UNIVERSITY OF OSLO June 2013 II Exploring Teaching ...»
  70. «Shifting Targets and Disagreements Robin McKenna University of Geneva rbnmckenna@gmail.com This is a preprint of an article whose final and ...»
  71. «Note: This is the author’s penultimate manuscript of this paper (ms. of March 1, 2010). The final publication is available at www.springerlink.com. ...»
  72. «. “The Mathematic does not have own existence. It is only an arbitrary code, designed to describe physical observations or philosophical concepts. ...»
  74. «Core Logic – 2005/06-1ab – p. 2/3 Sets are everything (1). Different areas of mathematics use different primitive notions: ordered pair, ...»
  75. «Ruth O’Donnell A thesis submitted in fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy Royal Holloway, University of London ...»
  76. «Jean-Yves Beziau Department of Philosophy – PPGF-UFRJ Federal University of Rio de Janeiro Brazilian Research Council Brazilian Academy of ...»
  77. «IV. O youth, the advice is easy, the difficulty is accepting it, since it is bitter in the taste of the follower of passionate desire, because ...»
  78. «Isabel Malaquias* The former Augustinian monk and abbot, the Portuguese João Jacinto de Magalhães,1 later usually known as John Hyacinth de ...»
  79. «Bibliography on Antonymy and Related Issues Atlas, Jay David. 1984. Comparative adjectives and adverbials of degree: An introduction to radically ...»
  80. «Philosophers love a priori knowledge: we delight in truths that can be known from the comfort of our armchairs, without the need to venture out in ...»
  81. «Retrieving the Power of the Question: Aristotle’s Inquiries Concerning Sexual Difference Adam Rosen-Carole Abstract Although sexual difference ...»
  82. «ARTSSCI 1C06: Inquiry: Global Challenges 2015-16, Term I NOTE: The course outline for Term II will be available at the start of that term Class ...»
  83. «HANDBOOK FOR CHRISTIAN ATHLETES A Christian Philosophy of Athletics And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man Luke ...»
  84. «Distillers Grains for Beef Cattle Terry Klopfenstein Distillers byproducts are excellent feed resources for feedlot cattle. Distillers byproducts are ...»
  85. «M y entry into publishing was accidental. I had just taken a First Class Honors degree in Literature and Philosophy at the University of Nairobi and ...»
  86. «Bing, Janet. Penguins can't fly and women don't count: Language and thought Women and Language. Vol. 15 (Fall 1992), 2; pg. 11-14. © George Mason ...»
  87. «ETHICAL CASE DELIBERATION INVOLVING THE END OF LIFE DECISION Oduwole Ebunoluwa Department of Philosophy, Olabisi Onabanjo University, P.M.B.2002, ...»
  88. «Submitted to the Engineering Systems Division in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY at the MASSACHUSETTS ...»
  89. «Yankie Supervisor: Laura M. Singletary, Ph.D. Lee University Email: byanki01@leeu.edu Address: 2548 Johnson Ridge Rd. Antioch, TN 37013 Yankie 1 ...»
  90. «Some philosophers hold that rational explanations—explanations of peoples’s attitudes and actions that cite their reasons for forming these ...»
  91. «Contents §9A.1 First-order Logic §9A.2 Paradox §9A.3 Completeness §9A.4 Second-order Logic §9A.5 Analytic and A Priori Truth §9A.6 What is ...»
  92. «BYLINE Laxmikant V. Kal´ e Department of Computer Science University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Urbana, IL 61801, USA kale@illinois.edu ...»
  93. «Rigid Designation, Direct Reference, and Modal Metaphysics by Arthur Sullivan (Nov/03 draft, forthcoming in “Pacific Philosophical Quarterly”, ...»
  94. «Dispositions’, Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy, www.rep.routledge.com Dispositions Disposition is a term used in metaphysics usually to ...»
  95. «1. Metaphysics in Ethics Is there much of a connection between dispositions and ethics? It would seem not if one judges by the dearth of papers and ...»
  96. «DISPROOFS OF GOD’S EXISTENCE I. Based on the Problem of Evil [that is, if God is All-Good, All-Knowing, and All-Powerful, then how can evil or ...»
  97. «INAUGURALDISSERTATION zur Erlangung der Würde eines Doktors der Philosophie vorgelegt der Philosophisch-Naturwissenschaftlichen Fakultät der ...»
  98. «Stakeholders’ Perception and Knowledge INAUGURALDISSERTATION zur Erlangung der Würde einer Doktorin der Philosophie vorgelegt der ...»
  99. «Deliberation and Metaphysical Freedom E. J. COFFMAN AND TED A. WARFIELD 1. INTRODUCTION Proponents of the “Belief in Ability Thesis” (BAT) ...»
  100. «What’s wrong with schooling? Why have there always been people who want to set up educational initiatives outside the system? And why do some ...»
  101. «Alexander Reutlinger Abstract. Renormalization group (RG) explanations account for the astonishing phenomenon that microscopically very different ...»
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